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Refreshing Drink Recipes | Recipe Book

Refreshing Drink Recipes | Recipe Book

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Reduce the amount of added sugar in your diet with these natural, whole-food recipes!

  • Trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle with less inflammation?
  • Overwhelmed by weight control and tracking carbs?
  • Having difficulty finding healthy alternatives to soda, juice, and soft drinks?

Refreshing Drink Recipes is a digital recipe book (an e-book) that contains 31 easy-to-make recipes with a minimal amount of prep time! It's not a cookbook, everything is made fresh using fruits, herbs, and teas that you can find at your local grocery store.

The book is split up into 3 sections:

  • Sparkling Beverages
  • Infused Waters
  • Iced Teas

Each recipe and flavor combination has been tried and tested to make sure everything is tasty, refreshing, and balanced. Without any refined sugars!

The entire recipe book contains measurements for individual serving sizes along with their bulk counterparts. The recipe book is converted into both the U.S. Imperial System and the Metric System (The rest of the world lol). You wont need to waste time trying to figure out how many milliliters are in a cup (8oz). 

Refreshing Drink Recipes is for those looking to improve their health, but unsure of where to start. However, there are also enough flavor combinations to satisfy even the healthiest of veterans! 

This book covers:

  • Why, too much added sugar harmful.
  • How juice can have a similar impact as soda on your body.
  • Why the sugar in whole foods (fruits), aren't as harmful as added sugar.
  • 31 whole-food recipes that you can make at home.

Ready to cool down and explore all of the great flavor combinations?

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Is this worth it?

That is up to you to decide. If you are looking for good drinks, trying to move away from soda, and like to know exactly what you are putting into your body, this might be for you!

Can I order a physical copy?

Not yet, this is an E-Book. But if enough people are interested, I might release a physical book.

Are these mocktails?

No alcohol is required for any of these recipes, but some may work nicely as a mixer.

What if I can't find any of the ingredients?

Every recipe uses fruits, tea, or herbs. As long as you have a grocery store nearby or herbal/tea shop, you should be able to make everything in this book. There are a variety of options to choose from, some may be seasonal depending on your location.

What measurements did you use?

I converted this book into both the Imperial System (U.S.) and Metric (Rest of the world).

Can I add this to my kindle (E-Reader)?

Yes! It is a PDF that is readable by Kindles, smartphones, computers, and tablets. You can email it to your E-Reader.

Where did my PDF go?

If you can't locate the PDF on your device, it likely is in your 'downloads' folder. Check there or use a keyword search on your device and move it to a location you can find easily!

Is this on Amazon?

It has not been uploaded there yet, but I plan to add it. If you are waiting to specifically download it via Amazon, please DM me on Instagram

Where can I find more?

Stay up to date on social media:


I have dietary restrictions

All of my recipes are:
- Dairy-Free
- Seed Oil-Free
- Gluten-Free
- Artificial Sweetener-Free